Saturday, 24 December 2011

Boss Orange for Women

Yep it is that epic that I have dedicated a WHOLE blog post to it.

When this came out a while back (I think 2009) I was like "nice advert" and kind of moved on! I thought it would not be anything special or anything I would like.

But, a few weeks ago I found out that I was very wrong, I sniffed this in Boots and I was like WOW this stuff smells sooo good!!! And after a spur of the moment online shopping  trip, I bought it.

Hugo Boss described 'Boss Orange Women' as:
'A warm, complex and inviting fragrance that combines the uniquely liberating notes of Crisp Apple, White Flowers and, at its very soul, Vanilla and Sandalwood. They fuse to create a relaxed, personal scent you can wear with passion.'

And I couldn't agree with you more Hugo Boss ;) The smell is quite fresh and believe it or not, it has a hint of orange, just a light and little fruity fragrance. I personally have not smelt anything like this. When it dries, it is slightly more floral and I would use it as a casual perfume, so it will be frequently used during the day time. 

The scent is not overpowering and because it is EDT it is lighter. I mostly prefer EDP as it does last longer and has a stronger scent. This perfume only comes in EDT.

Arrgghh wish I could give you guys a cyber smell of it!!! 

In terms of packaging, I am not really fussed, but this bottle is beautiful. So sleek and unique, it does look good on my vanity area. :)

I hope you guys go out and try this before you buy it. As with any perfume, it smells slightly different and 'sits' differently on each person. Some people don't like this but everyone has different tastes, especially when it comes to perfume.

I bought mine from Cheap Smells here, a 75ml size and was £37.75. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and get everything you want ;) 


Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter Shopping! (any excuse to shop!)

Winter is my favourite time of year, I really do wish I was a winter baby! I love the cold and being snuggly and hot chocolate before bed (yep I got a cup sitting next to me! Ha!)

I went to the Stratford City Westfield properly for the first time on Wednesday. (By properly I mean I did some mega shopping!)

So, onto some of the things I got...

  •  winter jacket, £44.99 Link (this link shows the black colour, I got the khaki one! And its cheaper now! DAMN IT!)
Well, this is actually a parka and I wanted something warm and comfortable. I found this baby in New Look and my bestie was like "you are not getting any black clothing, EVERYTHING you wear is black", which I hate her for saying but it is true, I love black, it is such a sleek colour! I guess I have to step out of my comfort zone sometimes, so I got the khaki version! *brave*

  • two scarves, £5ish each

I also got these scarves from New Look because they are really nice, they are not wool, but they look like wool and they are not itchy like some scarves, which is not nice. I got the grey one and I loved it sooo much I went and got the tan colour one to match one of my bags. For this price you definitely can't go wrong and it does keep me warm. The weather is around 4 degrees celsius, which is really cold, but I love it! ;)

    Top- Tan
    Bottom- Grey

    • a bag, £14.99

    I needed a black bag, so while I was in New Look, I picked up this beauty. It looks like leather but it isn't (sneaky!) and it is HUGE inside, even though it looks smallish, I can practically fit everything I need (my whole room sometimes!) You guys should definitely have a look. I am going to get another, that is how much I heart it.

    Beauty :)

    I also got a few pairs of skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. Some of their jeans are actually quite nice. I just got basic blue ones, nothing fancy! :)

    Random lovin'...

    Music wise I am loving Rihanna's album and Drake's album, seriously good stuff. I have to try and control myself to not sing aloud on the train. And I am loving 'It will rain' by Bruno Mars! It is constantly on replay! :) His voice is incredible, so soft and just ahhhh. 

    Also, the geek inside me has to recommend watching BBC's 'Frozen Planet', if you haven't already watched it. Its AMAZING! It's about nature and the natural behaviours of animals. I am wowed by how amazing the world actually is. It is finishing this week, but you can catch it on BBC iplayer. 

    Happy December btw! How is your winter shopping going?

    Sunday, 20 November 2011

    Glamour Mag NOTW and a Tip ;)

    Sorry that this blog post is late... but here are the nails inc. polishes I got from Glamour Mag.
    (L-R) Tate, Victoria and Piccadilly Circus, two coats of each,
    No flash
    (L-R)Tate, Victoria and Piccadilly Circus

    With Flash
    I didn't get all of the colours because the other colour (the lightest one) which reminded me of a colour I have already got, so I thought there is no need for me to have it.

    The colours are really nice, good pigmentation and dries quickly. But, the colour I love the most, Victoria, is a bit of a dog to apply. It can get quite streaky, so you have to be patient and apply the coats properly. You can kind of see how streaky it is in the picture above. But overall, I am really happy! Woo!

    On to my Tip...
    Hands up who likes to paint their nails? Yep that's me included. However, I also have a tendency to paint on my skin because I can't paint my nails neatly :( (you can kind of see that in the picture above!) Oooppsss!

    Anyway, I basically paint my nails really messy, so that it allows me to get a proper coat of colour. I make sure that the nail polish is completely dry. Then when I get into the shower, once I have washed my face, had an XFactor sing off and exfoliated my legs, I use an exfoliating glove to remove the dodgy bits of nail polish. You have to be in the shower for like 5 mins or more so that your skin becomes softer (this is the beauty behind this technique)


    1. I wet the glove
    2. Then I rub it over my nail and the excess nail polish on the skin should just come off. If it doesn't then you may need to be a bit harsher or wet your skin or glove more.
    3. Just keep doing this on the 'messy' nails and you will be left with a perfect set of beautifully painted nails ;) (no one will know!)
    I have been using this technique for like 5 years and it has never let me down. People actually think I can paint my nails perfectly, but my secret is out now! Haha! But please make sure your nails are completely dry. I usually paint my nails the night before and hop into the shower in the morning and scrub a dub dub! :)

    And the other amazing thing is that you can get an exfoliating glove from anywhere!!! They are sooo cheap and are useful for exfoliating your body and your nails ;) I got mine from Boots... Here

    I hope you found this useful!



    Book Worm...

    I know I am really really really late on this whole Twilight craze but I have been reading the books (after getting them a year ago! Ooops!) I finished Twlight (the first one) and as much as I hate the film, the books are AMAZING!!! I really LOVE the way it has been written, you actually feel how Bella feels, its quite real and I am sure that everyone can relate to the feelings of characters and especially the situations Bella is in! (minus the vampire bit!)

    I am a sucker for anything red and white (Arsenal fan I am indeed!) and I feel sad to get these books dirty!

    I am currently reading New Moon and Stephanie Meyer has brought sexy back with vampires. I haven't read enough to decide if I am Team Edward or Team Jacob but I love me some Taylor Lautner ;)

    Unfortunately, before Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out in cinemas, there was extensive showings of the trailers. And there I was sitting watching TV one day and the trailer comes on the TV and it RUINED the whole Twilight story for me! :'( I can't believe they get married?! Whhhhaaaaaaa!!! And Bella gets pregnant??!!! Whhhaaattt thhhheeee efffff???!!!

    Anyway, I am getting into reading now and have a few more books that I want to read like:

    • Eat, Pray, Love
    • Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella
    Have you got any favourite books? Any you would recommend?

    How is everyone's week?


    Sunday, 13 November 2011

    747 Trafalgar by Dior

    That is the name of my new  Dior Vernis! I was given this as a gift from my cousin :) 

    Excuse the dry skin around my nails. Shame on me I know.
    (Picture is taken in sunlight with two coats)
    This a colour which is part of their Les Rouges collection. It is a red colour, which has the tiniest amount of orange undertone so I don't think I would call it a true red, but a red nonetheless! (I am really sorry for the rubbish pics, my camera did not pick up the colour properly) :(
    Taken in not so much sunlight
    And if you can't apply nail polish neatly (like me- I am sooo bad at it!) then the brush is perfect for you! It looks very similar to the Rimmel 60 second brush, its big and therefore covers more area space :)
    Top Rimmel 60 second
    Bottom Dior Vernis
    The pigmentation is good, you can get away with only one coat. But I was really impressed with how it dried so quickly! I have been wearing a few days and it has chipped a bit more than expected. So I would recommend maybe two coats of a top coat! 

    £16.50 for 10ml is a quite pricey- I am sure though that you can get a similar colour for much much less. I didn't really feel like it was not that glossy/shiny (where as the nails inc. ones are shiny *love*- and I don't really need a top coat). It is an average nail polish with a high price tag :( 
    I probably would not repurchase this specific colour, but I have my eye on a few more from Dior ;) The packaging is  however very nice! I like the idea of a lid then the screw top for the brush.

    Overall, I would give it about a 6/10. A little disappointed because I really wanted this nail polish to be amazing! 

    What nail polishes have you been disappointed with?

    Hope you are having a good weekend! :)


    I am still here ;)

    I have to say I LOVE winter! I am soooooo happy it is here! :) Love being snuggly, hot chocolate, blankets, fluffiness! I love it all! :)

    It has been ages since I properly blogged, yep shame on me! :(

    But the past month has been loca! My cousin got married a few weeks ago and it was really nice and really tiring, I was up at 5.45 on the wedding day! Getting ready and putting a sari on is such a long process! Trust me Indian weddings are EPIC! Haha. I didn't take a pic of my outfit to show you guys (I know, really annoying!) but I did take a pic of my hair because I really really liked it! I wish my hair was always like this! I don't know how to do it as my neighbour came and did my hair for me. But here it is... I had my hair straight, let me know what you think!

    I had to tie my hair up because it was messy but I love the plait thingy!

    Oh I have been trying out a Lancôme foundation which I will do a review on shortly. I was REALLY impressed with it. I bought it for my mum, but the colour works for me, just slightly a teeny darker but it works. It covers blemishes quite well!

    And I have had soo much work due in for uni, its not fair. This whole week I was sleeping at 2 and waking up at 6 and I am catching up this weekend a bit...but I have soo much more work to do! :(

    I will make sure that I try and blog regularly and have a few posts lined up! Cant wait!

    Also, a quick update on the free Glamour nail polishes (mentioned in this blog post here.) I managed to get all but one. The ones I have got are Victoria, Piccadilly Circus and Tate! I really like the colours, I will definitely wear all of them!
    There will be review on them shortly and if you have not gone out to get them, you should! Its a bargain! ;)

    What are your fave hairstyles? Hope everyone is good!


    P.S. Oh and if anyone has any good shampoo and conditioner recommendations for oily hair... let me know! ;) 

    Thursday, 3 November 2011

    Glamour Magazine & Nails Inc

    Yep, a familiar combination and they have teamed up once again. (I am not complaining!) Woo! 

    I only managed to pick up one as it was the last one in my Tesco, but at least I got one ;)

    I got the colour 'Victoria'. Its a dark red colour, a bit plum toned. It reminds me of the colour LC used to wear in The Hills. :)

    The colours, from what I have seen on the cover, are very 'wintery' and I am sure that many of you ladies have enough nail polishes to paint the whole town a million times, but let's face it, we can NEVER have enough!

    The covergirl is Kristen Stewart. Who I like and she looks amazing on the cover!

    While we are on the topic of Twilight (well, kinda!) I do like the Twilight books and I am still reading the first one... I can never finish a book  in a few month's I always get distracted. And with all these Breaking Dawn trailers...its ruining the story for me! (Cannot believe she gets pregnant?!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

    But I will do a swatch on all the colours, when I eventually get them!

    Sorry for the lack of posting, my life has been crazy the past month! Weddings, uni work and general stuff.....LONG! :/ But in return,I have a few blog posts lined up, so watch this space! ;)

    And you can follow me on Twitter! @beautyfullyblog

    Hope everyone is having a good week! :)


    Tuesday, 18 October 2011

    Nailed It- Peach Melba surprise ;)

    Just a quick post of my nails of the week :) The colours I chose were mentioned in my previous haul post.

    I wore two colours, both by Barry M- Peach Melba and Black. What do you think?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peach Melba and LOVE the combination. I was just playing around with colours and taa-daa....I found it!!!

    Oh and I also just do the same colour on all my nails, then use a glitter polish like Barry M Hologram on just one finger.

    Hope you guys like it... And what are your favourite colour combinations?

    Have a good week! :) 


    Sunday, 16 October 2011


    That is exactly what I AM becoming! 

    The two most important things a girl needs after food and water are clothes and nail polish.
    And I made sure that that is what I did! We always need necessities ;)

    For clothes, I bought one of those smart blazers and two  simple tops all from H&M. I am really impressed with their Autumn/Fall clothing range, it is soo affordable, current and there are some beaut. pieces! 

    Dorothy Perkins have a nice shoe collection and so I bought some flats for everyday. I got a black pair (which I did have to wear into and it HURT :( ) and a pointy tan-ish pair, which are really comfortable! :) They were like £16 each I think?! BARGAIN!!!

    And I got a bit nail polish crazy!!! And really excited! LOL!
    I had a few No7 vouchers (kindly given to me by my sister!) and thought that 'I can't let them go to waste' (LOL, any excuse to buy nail polish!) So, I purchased colours from their recent colour collection. Trust me I do not need ANY more nail polishes....I have soo many to use up, it is kind of becoming a joke... But sooo WHAT!!! :)

    (L-R) Tangy, Jammy, Pinky Pure, Cheeky Chops, Peach Melba, Black, Hologram.

    When I bought Pinky Pure 160 by No7 I thought, this won't suit me...but I am pleasantly surprised.. I think it looks okay. I feel a bit Barbie-ish but Barbie is cool, right?! :S This is what it looked like on (excuse the messy nail application!) I was soo excited to get this colour on!

    FYI: No7 have changed the formula and brush for their nail polishes (for better!-thank God!) I was actually really impressed with the colour, application and how opaque it was. Well, there was one exception... Pinky Pure 160. It is a nice colour ( I love it!) but it was a nightmare to get on... It was streaky, quite watery and I had to put 2 thickish coats. It might just be my bottle... But do let me know if you had the same problem...

    I also managed to get my hands on Barry M's Nail Paint in Hologram (No. 244). I was looking for this basically everywhere for months and I found it in my local Boots! *YAY*!!! I will be using this EVERYDAY!!! I really love it. But I did find it hard to get all the glitter specks on my nail evenly. Practice makes perfect! ;)

    Ohhhhhhhh anddddd I almost FORGOT...I can't wait to watch Kim Kardashian's Wedding on E! tonight....waiting to watch this for ages!  ;) (yep, you got it right! I'm a reality TV/Kardashian whore!) Its on at 9pm!

    Hope you are having a good weekend! 


    Sunday, 9 October 2011

    MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

    I realised I don't wear lipsticks enough, maybe I am not that brave yet... I am happy to just wear Carmex or a lipgloss..... So, when my girlie Hena got this for me, I thought 'hey this is my time to get out of my comfort zone and wear lipstick.' A year on, I am still waiting for that moment! But I just feel a bit more Hercules now ;)

    I know I am a bit  very behind and I know everyone knows what the lipstick looks like, but there was sooo much hype around the Viva Glam Gaga (which I love, but defo could not wear, I probs would look like a clown!) I thought I would give this baby a try...

    Viva Glam Cyndi!

    Just a quick heads lips looks weird! I am not pouting... Feel a bit katie Price-ish! (Not good! FAIL!) :(
    One Coat

    Two Coats

    Two coats with a little bit of carmex ontop

     The lipstick is perfect for someone like me who wants to wear a red lip but don't think you can pull it off. This lipstick is very versatile, one slick and it doesn't even look like you are wearing lipstick and the more comfortable you get, the more lipstick you can wear. In the day when I wear it I just do one slick and chuck some lip balm/gloss over it, but for night time, I go a little heavier.

    And THE most important thing... The lipstick smells soooooo good! :) Lol! Its a shame I can't blog the smell! :(

    So, I am thinking of getting a few coral/pale pinky colour lippies.I am going to get experimental ;)

    What is your take on lipstick? Lover or hater?

    Have a good week everyone! :)


    Friday, 30 September 2011

    Eye Look 2: MAC neutrals

    My Body Shop order arrived today! How quick was that?! Very impressed :) I'm a very happy shopper! :) Oh and I ordered 9! Yes 9!!! I'm nuts! I don't even know where I am going to keep them! :/

    Look at how the body butters came- cutely packaged with straw! 

    On the menu today, I got an eye look I wanted to share using a few of my favourite MAC eye-shadow colours. It is a shimmery look that is quite low key because of the neutral colours used. This would still look amazing when you go out!

    Excuse the eyebrows! :S

    The picture above shows combination the browny, reddish and gold colours that help make this eye look really beautiful.

    As you can see I brought the eye-shadow higher up on my crease (the right eye) and the left side the eye shadow just outlines my eye ball (if that makes sense?!) So you can wear it either way, depending on your eye shape. I got almond eyes, which are small, so I would choose the right one so that you can see a hint of the eye-shadow colour.

    My camera is not brilliant but it did manage to pick up the colour and shimmer but I do love how it compliments my eye colour.

    This look is a defo a night look in my opinion, well I would wear it at night, but if you can rock it in the day, you go girl, I take my trilby off to you! ;)

    Colours used: (all MAC)

    • 1)Woodwinked (all over the lid)
    • 2) Sable (all over the lid on top of Woodwinked)
    • 3) Antiqued (crease)

    Top to bottom: Antiqued, Sable and Woodwinked
    Mascara: Cover Girl Lash Blast

    There are other brands that you can use,(which have really nice colour ranges) if your don't want to use MAC ones. For example:

    • L'Oréal
    • Rimmel
    • Bourjois
    What are your favourite neutral eye looks?

    And its the WEEKEND!!! Yay! Hope you have a good weekend!


    Wednesday, 28 September 2011

    The Body Shop Offer!!!


    Just a quick post to let you guys know that The Body Shop have 50% off ALL of the Body Butters! Yep, ALL of them :O 

    How amazing!!! I have just ordered mine!!! Woohoo!

    Oh and if you are a 'Love Your Body' member you get ANOTHER 10% off! How fab?! It is soooo worth it. Click here and get shopping!!!! :)
    My Body Shop card! I <3 it! :)
    Oh and If you are not a member just sign up, its £5 to sign up for a year membership and everytime you spend £10 (I think!) you get a stamp. When you have four stamps you get a free gift worth up to £5 and when you have 8 stamps you get a free gift worth up to £10. You also get a birthday gift and there are other perks too, so check it out. :) For more details visit The Body Shop website.

    Happy Shopping!!! ;)


    Monday, 26 September 2011

    My Favourite Eyeliners...


    I totally understand/get it when ladies spend sooo much £££ on finding the best eyeliner. Why do I know this because I do it! :) and I am not ashamed to admit it. Finding a decent eyeliner is important to me because I wear it almost everyday and I love how it makes me not look like a zombie! :)

    I search high and low to find a good dark, waterproof eyeliner that has amazing staying power. I am happy to pay that little extra if I know that the eyeliner will work and not be absolute crap (sorry, excuse the language!) and at the end of the day it will not make me look like a panda who has been punched in the eye a million times! (trust me, been there done that and got the t-shirt!) Haha!

    In terms if coloured eyeliners, I just want something that has good pigmentation and stays on for a night out. Im not that brave to wear coloured liners everyday! :( 

    Anyway, so here are a few of my favourite eyeliners:

    MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
    I know everyone has heard of this, but I love it! It dries instantly, has really good staying power and is a nice black ( I would prefer if it was a little darker, but beggers can't be choosers!) I use my MAC 210 brush when using the Fluidline. Its amazing, it will allow you to create thick or thin lines. I wear this eyeliner mainly as a top liner but I used to wear this on my waterline, which MAC don't tell you can't do it, but when I got speaking to a my friend who is a makeup artist, she practically passed out when I told her that I was wearing the fluidline on my waterline! Ooops! She was like you should only really use khol's on your waterline because they are safest, fluidline is only meant for topliner... 
    So that is where the next baby comes in...
    Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl Waterproof in Raisin Noir
    I decided to try Lancome after speaking to a few people (one being my mum, who loves Lancome and Estee Lauder from back in the day!) and she, along with the others told me if I wanted a good liner I might as well try it from a good brand.  So off I trotted to John Lewis and bought this baby...

    And I am soo glad I listened and this is definitely a keeper I <3 it! It is not the darkest gothic black, but it has fab staying power, good transfer and I can build on it. Win Win!

    TIP: On nights out, to get that bold look, once I have applied the Lancôme eyeliner, I put a thin line of Fluidline just underneath my lash line- not only does this ensure that it stays in place but it helps create a defined look!

    MAC Fluidline and Lancôme Crayon

    Top two swatches are Fluidline and the bottom is the Lancôme liner

    Benefit BadGal Waterproof Eyeliner
    Unfortunately, I don't have a swatch to show you, but it is very similar to the Lancôme eyeliner, but in my opinion, it does not have the same staying power, however,it is a bit darker.
    I do still like this eyeliner and would recommend it to you if you don't mind a bit of smudging where the eyeliner 'falls' just below your bottom lash line.

    MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number
    I have used this a few times and I love the colour. It is not too dark and is perfect for girls who don't want a harsh black liner. It does have a bit of shimmer in it but it is not overpowering. I wear this as a top liner and it does look good :)

    Top: MAC Phone Number
    Bottom: Saddle

    Topshop liner in Saddle
    I was very impressed with the colour, pigmentation and price when I got it. I use this when I don't want a harsh look but I still want a defined look. It has little specks of glitter in it but this is definitely an amazing colour, especially when it is on.

     No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in 05 Purple
    This pencil is very affordable, especially with the £5 off voucher ;) The colours are really nice and have good pigmentation. The No7 eyeliners are very wearable for everyday looks, especially the purple and I think they have a green emerald and a sky blue which are beautiful too.

    No7 Metallic Eyes 05 Purple

    L' Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss Waterproof
    The only drugstore brand on here (shame on me!) but the L' Oréal liquid liners are very very good and precise! Like the Fluidline, you can create really thin lines or thicker lines to create a more dramatic look. It stays on for a while, but I have found that you can't build on top of it or apply it really thick, as it can flake :(
    L' Oréal also have the Super Liner with gold shimmer in it. I do like this as it adds something different to a look when you go out. But you have to be careful as to how you use it because if you over do it, it could look weird. A thin line is all that is needed.

    Top: Super Liner in Carbon Black (waterproof)
    Bottom: Super Liner in Black Crystals

    I am sorry that some of the eyeliners are expensive but if you cannot justify spending like £20 on an eyeliner, which, let's face it, is quite crazy, then the drugstore ones mentioned are very good too. The other brands that I like are Rimmel and Prestige. Both have a really nice colour range too.

    And oh, before I go, I am soooo LOVING The X Factor... I love the categories and the judges match each category perfectly! Soo happy :)

    Have a good week everyone! 


    Friday, 23 September 2011

    Eye Brow Tinting...

    I used to think that it was crazy for people to tint their eyebrows and I didn't really see the point- especially those women with thick blacker than black eyebrows, it can look quite scary!

    So, when I went to a salon recently I saw the beautician's amazing eyebrows and I found out that she tints them. So I thought 'hey I wanna try this' and so I did and... I'm addicted!

    I managed to buy the stuff and do it at home, it's soo easy! I did it on my mum and let me know what you think! :)


    The difference isn't huge, its so natural looking and fills in your brows!

    Can you see the difference? It is amazing what 10 minutes can do! ;)

    Have a good weekend! :) 


    Wednesday, 7 September 2011

    I think I've found IT!

    Hi! Sorry for not blogging... but I have been a very busy girl! My niece is turning one, so I was helping my sister organise a party for her... Btw, organising a party for little kids is quite hard! I'm in charge of the music, so I guess I can't have Jay Z or Rihanna :'(

    I made cupcakes today, a trial run before I actually make them on Friday because I'm so clumsy, its UNREAL!... And surprisingly they came out soo yummy! So this is what they looked like before I decorated them (this was the batch that didn't get burnt! ;) I always burn them! whoops! )...
    YUMMY!!! :)

    Sorry about that tangent... on to what the blog post is about. I have been looking for a mascara that I can offically saw WOW  to. I was being a bit meh with some as I don't really like  the spidery eye lash look! I like the full, thick lash look!
    After all that hype about Cover Girl Lash Blast I gave that baby a try and boy did I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.... I was even told my lashes look longer and someone thought I was wearing lashes *SCORE* ;) I briefly wrote about it here.

    Back in April was my birthday (on the same day as the Royal Wedding- talk about stealing my thunder..!) Anyway I went to Bluewater Shopping Centre to treat myself and got a few things from Lancome, an eyeliner and a foundation for my mum, which I will review. As I bought two products, I got a goodie bag. One of the things I got was a sample (was 2ml) of the famous Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara in 'Densifying Black'. I tried it and I definitely see the hype with Lancome Mascara... It was AMAZING! 

    A few days later, I thought let me combine these two babies and see the end result and it was MAGIC! Thick(ish), length and black lashes= Perfect ;)

    Left to Right: Cover Girl- Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells
    Cover Girl Brush
    Lancome Precious Cells Brush

    (Sorry the images are a bit naff, but I'm in the process of getting a better camera... any suggestions?)

     Here is what the two combined look like, I did this really quickly btw. This picture shows a coat of each mascara :)

    The mascara combo makes my lashes soooo long, its unreal! And the amazing thing about it is that it can be an everyday look. In my opinion, I don't look like I'm ready to hit a club when I wear it everyday! 

    Let me know what you guys think!

    Have a good week! :)


    Tuesday, 16 August 2011

    Nailed It- Grey Skies

    I usually choose my nail polish colour based on three factors:

    1)how I feel
    2)what I haven't worn in a while
    3)what I've seen on someone else and thought 'hey, that colour looks good, I have a similar one, why the hell don't I wear it?!'

    So, I felt like it was time that I went back to an old favourite nail polish of mine... No7's Grey Skies from Boots. You can also get it here. This colour is a true dark grey with like a dirty green undertone. Its really nice and I think it will compliment any skin colour.

    No7 do different types of nail polishes; they have their 'Stay Perfect' range, 'Speed Dry' range and 'Colour Miracle'.

    Grey Skies is part of the 'Speed Dry' collection and the polishes from this range do dry quickly and are easy to work with.

    With flash
    Without Flash
     I really love No7 nail polish's because they are cheap (when used with the £5 off vouchers), the colours are amazing and a majority of the colours are really pigmented and glossy, so in  some cases one coat can be worn, but I just slap the other one on :)
    Also, with these nail polishes, I find that they don't chip that easily and I don't really need a top coat.

    If you want to look into buying some No7 colours, I would definitely check out: (all are with one coat)...

    • Left to Right- 'Queenie', 'Siren', 'Beanie' and 'Violetta' (all from the 'Speed Dry' collection)
    With Flash
    Without Flash

    • Left to Right- 'Miracle Chocolate' and 'Miracle Plum' ('Colour Miracle' collection)
    With these colours, once you have applied them, you then apply a top coat which makes them change colour. I think it's really cool! So you kinda get two colours for the price of one ;)

    After (with top coat applied)

    • Left to Right- 'Pillar Box' and 'Temptress' ('Stay Perfect' collection)

    Unfortunately, 'Pillar Box' came out really orange on camera (even under about 4 different types of lights- sorry!) but its not all, its actually a bright red. However, I do find that with this range, my polishes stay put for a couple of days longer :)

    No7 nail polishes are priced around £7-8 for 10ml.

    What do you think of No7 polishes? What are your favourites?