Saturday, 24 December 2011

Boss Orange for Women

Yep it is that epic that I have dedicated a WHOLE blog post to it.

When this came out a while back (I think 2009) I was like "nice advert" and kind of moved on! I thought it would not be anything special or anything I would like.

But, a few weeks ago I found out that I was very wrong, I sniffed this in Boots and I was like WOW this stuff smells sooo good!!! And after a spur of the moment online shopping  trip, I bought it.

Hugo Boss described 'Boss Orange Women' as:
'A warm, complex and inviting fragrance that combines the uniquely liberating notes of Crisp Apple, White Flowers and, at its very soul, Vanilla and Sandalwood. They fuse to create a relaxed, personal scent you can wear with passion.'

And I couldn't agree with you more Hugo Boss ;) The smell is quite fresh and believe it or not, it has a hint of orange, just a light and little fruity fragrance. I personally have not smelt anything like this. When it dries, it is slightly more floral and I would use it as a casual perfume, so it will be frequently used during the day time. 

The scent is not overpowering and because it is EDT it is lighter. I mostly prefer EDP as it does last longer and has a stronger scent. This perfume only comes in EDT.

Arrgghh wish I could give you guys a cyber smell of it!!! 

In terms of packaging, I am not really fussed, but this bottle is beautiful. So sleek and unique, it does look good on my vanity area. :)

I hope you guys go out and try this before you buy it. As with any perfume, it smells slightly different and 'sits' differently on each person. Some people don't like this but everyone has different tastes, especially when it comes to perfume.

I bought mine from Cheap Smells here, a 75ml size and was £37.75. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and get everything you want ;) 


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