Tuesday, 20 March 2012

TIGI Bed Head Headrush

I have SERIOUS love for this product and have for a LONG time (as in 6 years, yep at 13 I was using this stuff!) and have repurchased it many times. It's a shine spray that smells really good! Words cannot even describe how nice it smells- fruity/sweet/sophisticated but not a sickly sweet scent. (Well, maybe a few words, but does not do the smell any justice!)

My hair is oily and so every single time I would not even touch shine sprays with a bargepole, but this is lightweight and I don't spray it directly to my roots, I spray a little below and from a distance. It makes my hair look shiny and healthy and smell good! I also found that I don't get that much product build up with this. If used properly then it is an amazing product.

And in terms of the packaging, if you know me, I don't really care about the packaging. If the product does what it says on the tin then I am happy. But the packaging is nice though. Bright, vibrant and colourful and does therefore stand out in my cupboard next to all my other 'boring looking products'.
I use this only after I straighten my hair, (only use on dry hair) which I rarely do now as I leave my hair to do its own thing and be natural. But I also use it to spritz into my hair just so that my hair smells good. I mean, come on, who doesn't like good smelling hair?!

I purchased this from Cheap Smells, but you can get it in any Toni&Guy salons or any other hair salons. It varies around the £12.00 - £15.00 mark for 200ml depending on where you purchase it from.

Hope everyone is having a good week! I am soooo excited about The Hunger Games  film :) Need to finish the book before I watch the movie though :P



Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nailed it: Summer Orange

I came up with this nail idea a few weeks ago when I was bored one day. I took pictures of it on my iPhone in the car, so excuse the pics. :)

This nail of the day is quite fit for summer, its bright and vibrant. I love this combination, it makes me happy when I wear it.

I used No7 in 'Tangy', a bright orange, as my base colour. When that dried I applied a thin layer of Essie's 'Shine of the Times', from the Luxeffects collection. I blogged about this here. I then applied another layer of the Essie polish, to complete the look.

With Flash

I hope you liked this colour combo, it looks really nice in sunlight. I haven't seen anything like it before.
What are your favourite summer nail polish colours? Any recommendations?
Devia x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another Small Shopping Trip

I have been itching to get the Tangle Teezer for absolute ages, but I never really thought I need it. I mean £10 for a brush?! They all do the same thing! But how WRONG I was...

I tried the tangle teezer (which I got in my favourite colour- 'Tangerine Scream', very bright indeed) this week and I am in love once again with a beauty product, not a boy :) I was very excited to try it and I couldn't wait to wash my hair. Haha!
My hair is medium length and can get quite tangled, especially the hair near the nape of my neck- that is one area I have split ends and my hair horrible, so I "tangle teezered" it and my hair is little more content, not as frizzy but a bit more soft, I am impressed ;)

Here is the badboy himself...

I will do a full review on it when I have used it for a little while :)

I also managed to pick up a few other new products I wanted to try in the form of Figs & Rouge balm and a Good Things Face Mask. I am going kind crazy with organic/sulphate free products at the moment. So let's see how these work out for me, fingers crossed :)

Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts?


Saturday, 10 March 2012

March Magazine Giveaway Galore

Excuse the constant alliteration in the title, I couldn't help myself ;)

I am sure you are all already aware that magazines are giving away like crazy this month.

Glamour are giving away Percy & Reed hair goodies. I have not heard of this brand before and I was really interested about the product. I picked up the 'Totally TLC Hydrating Mask' in a generous 100ml. I tried this the other day and I can't really comment on how it was. I would have to use it a few more times to know.
I also picked up the moisturising conditioner and the finishing polish, which I am yet to try, but I think I may be onto something. I love the packaging, its simple and quirky.

How beautiful does Jennifer Lawrence look???
I know Cosmo were giving away Clinique goodies, but it didn't appeal to me. I was more excited about trying the Percy and Reed range.

So have a look next time you are in Tesco/Sainsbury's/Boots and collect them. I didn't get the shampoo because my hair is oily and a moisturising shampoo scares me a little bit. If you collect all of them, they are worth £43, while only spending £8 ;)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. The sun has just made its entrance, but its Britain, I wonder how long it will last for?



Friday, 9 March 2012

"Healthy" Products- Worth it?

I have decided that I seen as I am getting into the whole organic, natural/paraben, sulphate and chemical free product obsession, I might as well share this journey with you and show what I find and whether it is worth the money.

I have been researching alot into the products that state they are this way. Initially, it was difficult for me to find brands, but when I started to know what to look for, it became really easy.
I have a few brands that I want to try, which I am sure many of you have tried, but I want to see if the "natural"tag that has been given to a lot of products is really worth investing in.

So from now on, expect a new product mention/review at least one a month. Sorry, if I turn into a freak of nature :)

I really hope that this helps people because I am still learning about the various chemicals/bad things we are exposed to.

Have a good weekend everyone


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Fudge Urban Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Firstly, Happy International Women's Day! xoxo
(the two women I love most are my Mum and Sister <3) yeah cheese I know! :P

I was generously given this (along with some other stuff) by Shifa at Get Gawjus, who is the loveliest person ever, with the most AMAZING hair. I have serious hair envy ;) And it is obvious she is a beauty.
I personally have not heard of this brand before but I was really intrigued to try it out. I do love sea salt sprays as I find they are the best at creating and holding beach type waves :) and seriously we all want to look like VS Angels, don't we?

So I applied this to damp hair and scrunched away. The first thing I noticed was the smell! It smells like coconuts and holidays which I love and does remind me of The Body Shop's Coconut body butter, so if you don't like that smell, you will dislike this. The scent does linger and I kept smelling my hair during the day! (I am almost certain people thought I was crazy).

Application and my thoughts:

When your hair dries it leaves a slight residue, nothing that makes your hair feel like straw. It doesn't dry my hair out like other sea salt sprays and I can work with my hair a day after application as you can brush it out. But make sure that it you use it in small amounts, not like me, I went crazy with it the first time. Whoops!

I also found that when I came home in the evening (I applied the spray in the morning), my hair had dropped but some of the shape was still there (maybe because my hair is wavy). If you have straight hair and are looking for a sea salt spray with a really good hold, unfortunately this is not your product.

Source: Google and Fudge.com

I did like the packaging, the nozzle made it easier to distribute the product all over my hair. I really like the colour of the packaging and the edginess of the product.

You can get this product from Superdrug which I was really shocked to find, as this seemed like a salon sold product. It usually retails for £6.99 for 150ml which is reasonable. It is half price at the moment.

I will may repurchase as I LOVE the smell and I liked how 'beachy' my hair looked. I felt like I was on holiday in the middle of winter..weird! I am also interested in some other products on the website. Yep, I can hear my bank account cry from here. Bless!

Has anyone tried any of the Fudge Urban products?

And before I go... Enjoy! Beyonce didn't make this song for no reason ;) She knows :)

Hope everyone is having a good week!


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bloglovin' baby

If you follow me on Twitter you will find that I recently joined Bloglovin', so if you want to follow me on there you now can! :)

Just type ' Beauty-Fully Bloggin' ' and you will find me there! Until next time


Hair Hero #1

Trying to grow my hair is a nightmare as it doesn't grow as quickly as most people. I have been researching about hair care and the best way to help my hair grow.The best advice I found to not cut my hair as frequently as possible,but to nourish the ends, to prevent split ends. If your ends are not dry=no split ends.

I want my hair like this ;)
Picture from Google :) Cheers
My hair type for reference is frizzy, wavy and can get oily very quickly. (unfortunate combination, I know!)

My new hair hero is Coconut oil.

Coconut oil- helps to moisturise and keep the hair healthy and shiny. My Grandma used to used Coconut oil every day (because in Indian cultures, everybody swears by this stuff!) and when she passed away at the age of 74 she still had black hair, not ONE white hair and she never dyed her hair, so I guess I can say it works :)

Since I was a baby, my Mum always put Coconut oil in my hair on a Sunday, which I would leave all day then wash at night. But as I got older, I rarely put it in my hair and quite frankly became lazy. And so my hair is paying the price!

Hair oils can be used in different ways:
  • Overnight
  • Deep penetrating mask for 1 hour or more
  • Quick mask for 15 to 20 minutes.

My Mum mentioned trying Coconut oil again and I have now begun applying the Coconut oil to my hair, paying special attention to the ends of my hair. Even though my hair is oily, I was actually quite scared that my hair would get really oily, greasy and I was dreading having clean hair that looked oily (as it may not have been washed out properly). The best way to overcome this is to use a 'clarifying' shampoo so that it really cleans your scalp. Don't worry your scalp will have absorbed the amount of oil it requires.

The hair oil I use is solid. When it comes into contact with skin, it melts which is much easier than the other solid oils where you have to put the bottle in hot water, in order for it to be a liquid.

My hair oil routine:

Night before I wash my hair:  I just take a scoop and melt the oil in between my fingers then apply to my hair.  I then put in extra at the ends. I tie my hair up or put it in a shower cap and then I go to sleep.

Important: By putting your hair in a shower cap or towel will create heat which helps opens the hair cuticles and allows the oil to be absorbed and penetrated to the scalp. If you are going to sleep with the oil in your hair overnight, without a shower cap/towel (as it can be uncomfortable) then put a towel over your pillow so you don't get oil stains, which are really annoying to get out. But it would be best to sleep with a towel over your head overnight or use a shower cap.

Day of washing my hair: If it's the weekend, (like a Sunday, which is the day I groom myself for the week, hair nails, etc) I leave the oil in an extra few hours. I then wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo. I shampoo twice then condition as normal. :)

My Thoughts
Most people with oily hair types would stay away from hair oils, but I completely disagree. These natural hair oils provide many nutrients to your hair, so it is worth having a look at the hair oils on offer. I would personally recommend natural/organic oils as they don't have any bad additives, coconut etc that might damage your hair.

I have found a definite improvement in my hair. The ends are much softer and I my hair feels lighter. But just remember to make sure the oil is washed out completely, so shampooing hair 2-3 times if needed. I only shampoo twice, like usual, but I massage my scalp and leave the shampoo in for 5 minutes then wash it out

Where?- Any ethnic food shop. Don't bother buying it online the postage is like 3x the price of the product.
Price?- Around £2

Remember to get one that says- 100% pure Coconut oil, Natural Coconut oil or Virgin Coconut oil, as they are pure.

Hope this helped! :)


What I bought recently...

The past few months have been quite crazy, but I managed to still go shopping ;)

Yesterday I went out with my bestie Cherise, we went shopping and then had a nice meal. It's so nice to see and have a catch up with her, we have THE best times :)

I bought quite a few things, which I wanted for ages and I just never had the time to scoot and get it.

This is the FIRST time I ever bought something for Kiehl's (sad but true) and I always pass out when I go into Kiehl's, its soo lovely in there, it makes you want to buy everything!
I bought the 'Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner' in the smaller size (75ml) which was about £9 and 'Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Mango' which was also £9. The lovely lady was giving me a sample of practically everything that I wanted to try! One thing I have to mention is that the products are a littlepricey at first look, but I haven't tried the products so at the moment I cannot say whether it is value for money.

I decided to get a hair product because I am beyond OBSESSED with looking after my hair. I really want it to grow as I have a wedding in my family coming up and my hair just does not grow :( I only wanted to buy the lip balm but when I went in the shop, this caught my eye, so I will keep you updated on how they pan out (excuse the pun!).

I bought two rings from Republic which I LOVE! I always wanted these types of ring. You can wear a simple outfit and wear these kinds of rings as a "statement". I personally think it will be the perfect summer accessory. Here.

Nails: Essie 'Bermuda Shorts'

I went to Paperchase as well, which is the first one in my area, so woohoo! I am obsessed with this shop now. They have the cutest things in there, some stuff just made me smile :) I got a book, where I can write all my thoughts and general malarky in. Its divided into 4 sections and I have dedicated one area to hair and skincare brands that I want to try as there are soo many! But, the nicest thing I found was this 'Checkerboard Pass Case', which was £4 (bargain!) and I will use to hold my Oyster card and my University pass. Look how nice the inside is. As soon I saw this, it was sold, my friend also bought one! Ahhh it's the little things :)

And I also  received my delieveries for stuff that I have ordered online:

My red wallet from Asos. It was on sale here. I absolutely love it. Its bright and red is my favourite colour, even though I am a 'safe' buyer, meaning that I buy everything in safe colours such as black and neutrals, so this wallet was a big step for me!

I got a few things from The Body Shop, a shampoo, a facial moisturiser, a body scrub and a lip product that I am really disappointed about :(

Anyone been shopping this past month? Any good finds?