Sunday, 20 November 2011

Glamour Mag NOTW and a Tip ;)

Sorry that this blog post is late... but here are the nails inc. polishes I got from Glamour Mag.
(L-R) Tate, Victoria and Piccadilly Circus, two coats of each,
No flash
(L-R)Tate, Victoria and Piccadilly Circus

With Flash
I didn't get all of the colours because the other colour (the lightest one) which reminded me of a colour I have already got, so I thought there is no need for me to have it.

The colours are really nice, good pigmentation and dries quickly. But, the colour I love the most, Victoria, is a bit of a dog to apply. It can get quite streaky, so you have to be patient and apply the coats properly. You can kind of see how streaky it is in the picture above. But overall, I am really happy! Woo!

On to my Tip...
Hands up who likes to paint their nails? Yep that's me included. However, I also have a tendency to paint on my skin because I can't paint my nails neatly :( (you can kind of see that in the picture above!) Oooppsss!

Anyway, I basically paint my nails really messy, so that it allows me to get a proper coat of colour. I make sure that the nail polish is completely dry. Then when I get into the shower, once I have washed my face, had an XFactor sing off and exfoliated my legs, I use an exfoliating glove to remove the dodgy bits of nail polish. You have to be in the shower for like 5 mins or more so that your skin becomes softer (this is the beauty behind this technique)


  1. I wet the glove
  2. Then I rub it over my nail and the excess nail polish on the skin should just come off. If it doesn't then you may need to be a bit harsher or wet your skin or glove more.
  3. Just keep doing this on the 'messy' nails and you will be left with a perfect set of beautifully painted nails ;) (no one will know!)
I have been using this technique for like 5 years and it has never let me down. People actually think I can paint my nails perfectly, but my secret is out now! Haha! But please make sure your nails are completely dry. I usually paint my nails the night before and hop into the shower in the morning and scrub a dub dub! :)

And the other amazing thing is that you can get an exfoliating glove from anywhere!!! They are sooo cheap and are useful for exfoliating your body and your nails ;) I got mine from Boots... Here

I hope you found this useful!



Book Worm...

I know I am really really really late on this whole Twilight craze but I have been reading the books (after getting them a year ago! Ooops!) I finished Twlight (the first one) and as much as I hate the film, the books are AMAZING!!! I really LOVE the way it has been written, you actually feel how Bella feels, its quite real and I am sure that everyone can relate to the feelings of characters and especially the situations Bella is in! (minus the vampire bit!)

I am a sucker for anything red and white (Arsenal fan I am indeed!) and I feel sad to get these books dirty!

I am currently reading New Moon and Stephanie Meyer has brought sexy back with vampires. I haven't read enough to decide if I am Team Edward or Team Jacob but I love me some Taylor Lautner ;)

Unfortunately, before Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out in cinemas, there was extensive showings of the trailers. And there I was sitting watching TV one day and the trailer comes on the TV and it RUINED the whole Twilight story for me! :'( I can't believe they get married?! Whhhhaaaaaaa!!! And Bella gets pregnant??!!! Whhhaaattt thhhheeee efffff???!!!

Anyway, I am getting into reading now and have a few more books that I want to read like:

  • Eat, Pray, Love
  • Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella
Have you got any favourite books? Any you would recommend?

How is everyone's week?


Sunday, 13 November 2011

747 Trafalgar by Dior

That is the name of my new  Dior Vernis! I was given this as a gift from my cousin :) 

Excuse the dry skin around my nails. Shame on me I know.
(Picture is taken in sunlight with two coats)
This a colour which is part of their Les Rouges collection. It is a red colour, which has the tiniest amount of orange undertone so I don't think I would call it a true red, but a red nonetheless! (I am really sorry for the rubbish pics, my camera did not pick up the colour properly) :(
Taken in not so much sunlight
And if you can't apply nail polish neatly (like me- I am sooo bad at it!) then the brush is perfect for you! It looks very similar to the Rimmel 60 second brush, its big and therefore covers more area space :)
Top Rimmel 60 second
Bottom Dior Vernis
The pigmentation is good, you can get away with only one coat. But I was really impressed with how it dried so quickly! I have been wearing a few days and it has chipped a bit more than expected. So I would recommend maybe two coats of a top coat! 

£16.50 for 10ml is a quite pricey- I am sure though that you can get a similar colour for much much less. I didn't really feel like it was not that glossy/shiny (where as the nails inc. ones are shiny *love*- and I don't really need a top coat). It is an average nail polish with a high price tag :( 
I probably would not repurchase this specific colour, but I have my eye on a few more from Dior ;) The packaging is  however very nice! I like the idea of a lid then the screw top for the brush.

Overall, I would give it about a 6/10. A little disappointed because I really wanted this nail polish to be amazing! 

What nail polishes have you been disappointed with?

Hope you are having a good weekend! :)


I am still here ;)

I have to say I LOVE winter! I am soooooo happy it is here! :) Love being snuggly, hot chocolate, blankets, fluffiness! I love it all! :)

It has been ages since I properly blogged, yep shame on me! :(

But the past month has been loca! My cousin got married a few weeks ago and it was really nice and really tiring, I was up at 5.45 on the wedding day! Getting ready and putting a sari on is such a long process! Trust me Indian weddings are EPIC! Haha. I didn't take a pic of my outfit to show you guys (I know, really annoying!) but I did take a pic of my hair because I really really liked it! I wish my hair was always like this! I don't know how to do it as my neighbour came and did my hair for me. But here it is... I had my hair straight, let me know what you think!

I had to tie my hair up because it was messy but I love the plait thingy!

Oh I have been trying out a LancĂ´me foundation which I will do a review on shortly. I was REALLY impressed with it. I bought it for my mum, but the colour works for me, just slightly a teeny darker but it works. It covers blemishes quite well!

And I have had soo much work due in for uni, its not fair. This whole week I was sleeping at 2 and waking up at 6 and I am catching up this weekend a bit...but I have soo much more work to do! :(

I will make sure that I try and blog regularly and have a few posts lined up! Cant wait!

Also, a quick update on the free Glamour nail polishes (mentioned in this blog post here.) I managed to get all but one. The ones I have got are Victoria, Piccadilly Circus and Tate! I really like the colours, I will definitely wear all of them!
There will be review on them shortly and if you have not gone out to get them, you should! Its a bargain! ;)

What are your fave hairstyles? Hope everyone is good!


P.S. Oh and if anyone has any good shampoo and conditioner recommendations for oily hair... let me know! ;) 

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Glamour Magazine & Nails Inc

Yep, a familiar combination and they have teamed up once again. (I am not complaining!) Woo! 

I only managed to pick up one as it was the last one in my Tesco, but at least I got one ;)

I got the colour 'Victoria'. Its a dark red colour, a bit plum toned. It reminds me of the colour LC used to wear in The Hills. :)

The colours, from what I have seen on the cover, are very 'wintery' and I am sure that many of you ladies have enough nail polishes to paint the whole town a million times, but let's face it, we can NEVER have enough!

The covergirl is Kristen Stewart. Who I like and she looks amazing on the cover!

While we are on the topic of Twilight (well, kinda!) I do like the Twilight books and I am still reading the first one... I can never finish a book  in a few month's I always get distracted. And with all these Breaking Dawn trailers...its ruining the story for me! (Cannot believe she gets pregnant?!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!)

But I will do a swatch on all the colours, when I eventually get them!

Sorry for the lack of posting, my life has been crazy the past month! Weddings, uni work and general stuff.....LONG! :/ But in return,I have a few blog posts lined up, so watch this space! ;)

And you can follow me on Twitter! @beautyfullyblog

Hope everyone is having a good week! :)