Sunday, 20 November 2011

Book Worm...

I know I am really really really late on this whole Twilight craze but I have been reading the books (after getting them a year ago! Ooops!) I finished Twlight (the first one) and as much as I hate the film, the books are AMAZING!!! I really LOVE the way it has been written, you actually feel how Bella feels, its quite real and I am sure that everyone can relate to the feelings of characters and especially the situations Bella is in! (minus the vampire bit!)

I am a sucker for anything red and white (Arsenal fan I am indeed!) and I feel sad to get these books dirty!

I am currently reading New Moon and Stephanie Meyer has brought sexy back with vampires. I haven't read enough to decide if I am Team Edward or Team Jacob but I love me some Taylor Lautner ;)

Unfortunately, before Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out in cinemas, there was extensive showings of the trailers. And there I was sitting watching TV one day and the trailer comes on the TV and it RUINED the whole Twilight story for me! :'( I can't believe they get married?! Whhhhaaaaaaa!!! And Bella gets pregnant??!!! Whhhaaattt thhhheeee efffff???!!!

Anyway, I am getting into reading now and have a few more books that I want to read like:

  • Eat, Pray, Love
  • Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella
Have you got any favourite books? Any you would recommend?

How is everyone's week?


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