Sunday, 13 November 2011

747 Trafalgar by Dior

That is the name of my new  Dior Vernis! I was given this as a gift from my cousin :) 

Excuse the dry skin around my nails. Shame on me I know.
(Picture is taken in sunlight with two coats)
This a colour which is part of their Les Rouges collection. It is a red colour, which has the tiniest amount of orange undertone so I don't think I would call it a true red, but a red nonetheless! (I am really sorry for the rubbish pics, my camera did not pick up the colour properly) :(
Taken in not so much sunlight
And if you can't apply nail polish neatly (like me- I am sooo bad at it!) then the brush is perfect for you! It looks very similar to the Rimmel 60 second brush, its big and therefore covers more area space :)
Top Rimmel 60 second
Bottom Dior Vernis
The pigmentation is good, you can get away with only one coat. But I was really impressed with how it dried so quickly! I have been wearing a few days and it has chipped a bit more than expected. So I would recommend maybe two coats of a top coat! 

£16.50 for 10ml is a quite pricey- I am sure though that you can get a similar colour for much much less. I didn't really feel like it was not that glossy/shiny (where as the nails inc. ones are shiny *love*- and I don't really need a top coat). It is an average nail polish with a high price tag :( 
I probably would not repurchase this specific colour, but I have my eye on a few more from Dior ;) The packaging is  however very nice! I like the idea of a lid then the screw top for the brush.

Overall, I would give it about a 6/10. A little disappointed because I really wanted this nail polish to be amazing! 

What nail polishes have you been disappointed with?

Hope you are having a good weekend! :)


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