Sunday, 20 November 2011

Glamour Mag NOTW and a Tip ;)

Sorry that this blog post is late... but here are the nails inc. polishes I got from Glamour Mag.
(L-R) Tate, Victoria and Piccadilly Circus, two coats of each,
No flash
(L-R)Tate, Victoria and Piccadilly Circus

With Flash
I didn't get all of the colours because the other colour (the lightest one) which reminded me of a colour I have already got, so I thought there is no need for me to have it.

The colours are really nice, good pigmentation and dries quickly. But, the colour I love the most, Victoria, is a bit of a dog to apply. It can get quite streaky, so you have to be patient and apply the coats properly. You can kind of see how streaky it is in the picture above. But overall, I am really happy! Woo!

On to my Tip...
Hands up who likes to paint their nails? Yep that's me included. However, I also have a tendency to paint on my skin because I can't paint my nails neatly :( (you can kind of see that in the picture above!) Oooppsss!

Anyway, I basically paint my nails really messy, so that it allows me to get a proper coat of colour. I make sure that the nail polish is completely dry. Then when I get into the shower, once I have washed my face, had an XFactor sing off and exfoliated my legs, I use an exfoliating glove to remove the dodgy bits of nail polish. You have to be in the shower for like 5 mins or more so that your skin becomes softer (this is the beauty behind this technique)


  1. I wet the glove
  2. Then I rub it over my nail and the excess nail polish on the skin should just come off. If it doesn't then you may need to be a bit harsher or wet your skin or glove more.
  3. Just keep doing this on the 'messy' nails and you will be left with a perfect set of beautifully painted nails ;) (no one will know!)
I have been using this technique for like 5 years and it has never let me down. People actually think I can paint my nails perfectly, but my secret is out now! Haha! But please make sure your nails are completely dry. I usually paint my nails the night before and hop into the shower in the morning and scrub a dub dub! :)

And the other amazing thing is that you can get an exfoliating glove from anywhere!!! They are sooo cheap and are useful for exfoliating your body and your nails ;) I got mine from Boots... Here

I hope you found this useful!



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