Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter Shopping! (any excuse to shop!)

Winter is my favourite time of year, I really do wish I was a winter baby! I love the cold and being snuggly and hot chocolate before bed (yep I got a cup sitting next to me! Ha!)

I went to the Stratford City Westfield properly for the first time on Wednesday. (By properly I mean I did some mega shopping!)

So, onto some of the things I got...

  •  winter jacket, £44.99 Link (this link shows the black colour, I got the khaki one! And its cheaper now! DAMN IT!)
Well, this is actually a parka and I wanted something warm and comfortable. I found this baby in New Look and my bestie was like "you are not getting any black clothing, EVERYTHING you wear is black", which I hate her for saying but it is true, I love black, it is such a sleek colour! I guess I have to step out of my comfort zone sometimes, so I got the khaki version! *brave*

  • two scarves, £5ish each

I also got these scarves from New Look because they are really nice, they are not wool, but they look like wool and they are not itchy like some scarves, which is not nice. I got the grey one and I loved it sooo much I went and got the tan colour one to match one of my bags. For this price you definitely can't go wrong and it does keep me warm. The weather is around 4 degrees celsius, which is really cold, but I love it! ;)

    Top- Tan
    Bottom- Grey

    • a bag, £14.99

    I needed a black bag, so while I was in New Look, I picked up this beauty. It looks like leather but it isn't (sneaky!) and it is HUGE inside, even though it looks smallish, I can practically fit everything I need (my whole room sometimes!) You guys should definitely have a look. I am going to get another, that is how much I heart it.

    Beauty :)

    I also got a few pairs of skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins. Some of their jeans are actually quite nice. I just got basic blue ones, nothing fancy! :)

    Random lovin'...

    Music wise I am loving Rihanna's album and Drake's album, seriously good stuff. I have to try and control myself to not sing aloud on the train. And I am loving 'It will rain' by Bruno Mars! It is constantly on replay! :) His voice is incredible, so soft and just ahhhh. 

    Also, the geek inside me has to recommend watching BBC's 'Frozen Planet', if you haven't already watched it. Its AMAZING! It's about nature and the natural behaviours of animals. I am wowed by how amazing the world actually is. It is finishing this week, but you can catch it on BBC iplayer. 

    Happy December btw! How is your winter shopping going?

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