Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Essie Luxeffects Collection

Warning: I can't apply nail polish, some pictures are quite atrocious haha! Sorry! I took these pics at Christmas time, so excuse the dry cuticles (which are now gone by the way! Woo!)

Even though the 'festive season' is over, I am still rocking glitter nail polishes and I will continue to do so for the rest of the year :)
I ordered these babes from Beauty Bay and I only got 3 out of a possible 5, this was for two reasons:

1) One didn't appeal to me (Pure Pearlfection)
2) The other (Set In Stone) was similar(ish) to my Barry M one (not exactly, because the Essie one does look better, but there would be no point!)

The colours I got were:  
  • 'A Cut Above'
A clear base with rose pink glitter specks. It's quite sparkly and it does look good when layered thinly. It has chunky glitter flecks as well smaller ones too.

  • 'As Gold As It Gets'
I am slightly disappointed by this colour. I had high hopes for it and it looks a bit dull. Maybe a few layers of top coat would help, but it is not as amazing as the other two colours I bought. The glitter is really fine and NOTHING like 'A Cut Above', this is more 'low key' and I would only suggest applying one coat for this colour.

  • 'Shine Of The Times'
This colour is unique and my favourite. I personally haven't seen anything like this. I layered it over a dark base because I found this the most beautiful combination :) I think for summer, this would look really nice and iridescent over a pale base.

With Flash
(All pictures are shown with 2 coats and the dark base colour was OPI's 'Lincoln Park After Dark').


Each polish is 15ml for £7.50, which I don't think is that bad. But I have a feeling these might dry out quickly and I doubt many people would use them all the time.

All of the colours have good pigmentation and the glitter and specks are distributed evenly on the nail. A second coat will help achieve the desired look.
I am obsessed with glitter and I need to get my hands on OPI's Muppet Collection.

Ok I'm off to do the ironing (which I HATE with a passion!) :(

Hope you have a lovely day! :)

Have you tried Essie's Luxeffects collection?


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love For Lush

Firstly, I want to say how sad I am about the death of Whitney Houston. What an amazing musician and artist. The music she has created has inspired so many people. I hope her soul can now rest in peace xxx

Onto my post for today...
Sorry for the lack of posting, I have had soo much going on. But I have a bit of time now so I am back to blogging :) I have been trying different products which I cannot wait to review ;)

I used to use Lush skincare products all the time about 5 years ago, then I tried Dermalogica and never looked back.

I went shopping with my sister the other day and the smell of Lush lured me in. I was going for a few bath bombs but I actually found a few hand products which I tried and I LOVE them. If you know me, I neglect my hands, but don't do it purposely.

The two products I bought were:
  • Helping Hands
  • Lemony Flutter

Helping Hands- 100g for £6.75

This hand cream is thick in consistency and has a herbal smell. It contains a nice combination of oils such as linseed and almond, with shea and cocoa butter.

I recommend that you use it only at night time because it is very greasy and does leave an oily layer. But because I suffer from eczema on my hands (which does get worse due to cold weather, like now) I need a lot of nourishment on my hands and this product provides that. It is a healing and soothing hand cream, which is great for eczema sufferers, as skin can crack and hurt :( 
I have been slapping this product on and I love it.

TIP: I apply the hand cream on my hands (quite heavily) then I put moisture gloves on. Which you can get from here. My hands are really moisturised in the morning and I have found that my eczema has calmed down and my skin is softer :)
This is a favourite for me.

Lemony Flutter- 50g for £5.95

I also picked up this cuticle butter because of the smell and how versatile the product is sucked me in ;)

This is another amazing find for me because I also have really dry cuticles as well, no amount of moisturising would help, until this... ( and the constant use of Helping Hands). It's a really hydrating product. I showed my mum and surprise surprise it went missing...I wonder where it went?!

It smells AMAZING! Like a lemon sorbet ice cream- its heaven! The texture is weird as it feels like a mousse but when you melt it in between your fingers it works a treat.

It is a little expensive (well I thought this when I first bought it) but as I started to use it I found that you only need a little bit, so it will last you ages. But it can also be really oily if you pack it on. So, again, I only apply this at night.

Overall, I have reignited my love with Lush, they never disappoint me. I am also trying out a face mask which I got as a sample and I think I am in love!

Hope you are well :)


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

 My skin is weird and it is annoying me. I have started eating really well (I am eating mangoes as I blog!) and I don't see why my skin is still misbehaving. So introducing my new love 'Mario Badescu Drying Lotion'.
You may have heard of this skincare. It is very popular amongst celebrities in the USA. I researched a lot into this brand when I was looking for a new skincare venture and I have my eye on a few more products ;)

The product itself has two layers; pink and clear. But DO NOT shake it. All you need to do is use a cotton bud and poke it in the pink part of the solution, which you then dab on your face.

It only works best on whiteheads not really on red blemishes. It does  significantly  reduce the spot size. The first time I used it (before bed) I woke up the next morning and was like WOW! It does really work! It doesn't completely get rid of the blemish overnight but enough to make me happy! With a few days use, the blemish will disappear. You only need a dab on the spot, which does the job perfectly.
The packaging is a screw top bottle (which you can get in either glass or plastic- mine is glass) and I like the simplicity of the fuss free packaging.

It is suitable for all skin types.

The disadvantage of this product is the smell. It has sulphur in it and it really is an unpleasant smell. The price is another disadvantage, £14.50 for 29ml, which is a little expensive, but if it does the job I don't really mind to be honest. I purchased mine from BeautyBay. Also, expect the pink solution to be present on your pillowcase when you wake up...

Hope you are well :)

Have you tried this skincare range?