Sunday, 4 March 2012

What I bought recently...

The past few months have been quite crazy, but I managed to still go shopping ;)

Yesterday I went out with my bestie Cherise, we went shopping and then had a nice meal. It's so nice to see and have a catch up with her, we have THE best times :)

I bought quite a few things, which I wanted for ages and I just never had the time to scoot and get it.

This is the FIRST time I ever bought something for Kiehl's (sad but true) and I always pass out when I go into Kiehl's, its soo lovely in there, it makes you want to buy everything!
I bought the 'Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner' in the smaller size (75ml) which was about £9 and 'Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Mango' which was also £9. The lovely lady was giving me a sample of practically everything that I wanted to try! One thing I have to mention is that the products are a littlepricey at first look, but I haven't tried the products so at the moment I cannot say whether it is value for money.

I decided to get a hair product because I am beyond OBSESSED with looking after my hair. I really want it to grow as I have a wedding in my family coming up and my hair just does not grow :( I only wanted to buy the lip balm but when I went in the shop, this caught my eye, so I will keep you updated on how they pan out (excuse the pun!).

I bought two rings from Republic which I LOVE! I always wanted these types of ring. You can wear a simple outfit and wear these kinds of rings as a "statement". I personally think it will be the perfect summer accessory. Here.

Nails: Essie 'Bermuda Shorts'

I went to Paperchase as well, which is the first one in my area, so woohoo! I am obsessed with this shop now. They have the cutest things in there, some stuff just made me smile :) I got a book, where I can write all my thoughts and general malarky in. Its divided into 4 sections and I have dedicated one area to hair and skincare brands that I want to try as there are soo many! But, the nicest thing I found was this 'Checkerboard Pass Case', which was £4 (bargain!) and I will use to hold my Oyster card and my University pass. Look how nice the inside is. As soon I saw this, it was sold, my friend also bought one! Ahhh it's the little things :)

And I also  received my delieveries for stuff that I have ordered online:

My red wallet from Asos. It was on sale here. I absolutely love it. Its bright and red is my favourite colour, even though I am a 'safe' buyer, meaning that I buy everything in safe colours such as black and neutrals, so this wallet was a big step for me!

I got a few things from The Body Shop, a shampoo, a facial moisturiser, a body scrub and a lip product that I am really disappointed about :(

Anyone been shopping this past month? Any good finds?


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