Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Essie Luxeffects Collection

Warning: I can't apply nail polish, some pictures are quite atrocious haha! Sorry! I took these pics at Christmas time, so excuse the dry cuticles (which are now gone by the way! Woo!)

Even though the 'festive season' is over, I am still rocking glitter nail polishes and I will continue to do so for the rest of the year :)
I ordered these babes from Beauty Bay and I only got 3 out of a possible 5, this was for two reasons:

1) One didn't appeal to me (Pure Pearlfection)
2) The other (Set In Stone) was similar(ish) to my Barry M one (not exactly, because the Essie one does look better, but there would be no point!)

The colours I got were:  
  • 'A Cut Above'
A clear base with rose pink glitter specks. It's quite sparkly and it does look good when layered thinly. It has chunky glitter flecks as well smaller ones too.

  • 'As Gold As It Gets'
I am slightly disappointed by this colour. I had high hopes for it and it looks a bit dull. Maybe a few layers of top coat would help, but it is not as amazing as the other two colours I bought. The glitter is really fine and NOTHING like 'A Cut Above', this is more 'low key' and I would only suggest applying one coat for this colour.

  • 'Shine Of The Times'
This colour is unique and my favourite. I personally haven't seen anything like this. I layered it over a dark base because I found this the most beautiful combination :) I think for summer, this would look really nice and iridescent over a pale base.

With Flash
(All pictures are shown with 2 coats and the dark base colour was OPI's 'Lincoln Park After Dark').


Each polish is 15ml for £7.50, which I don't think is that bad. But I have a feeling these might dry out quickly and I doubt many people would use them all the time.

All of the colours have good pigmentation and the glitter and specks are distributed evenly on the nail. A second coat will help achieve the desired look.
I am obsessed with glitter and I need to get my hands on OPI's Muppet Collection.

Ok I'm off to do the ironing (which I HATE with a passion!) :(

Hope you have a lovely day! :)

Have you tried Essie's Luxeffects collection?



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