Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love For Lush

Firstly, I want to say how sad I am about the death of Whitney Houston. What an amazing musician and artist. The music she has created has inspired so many people. I hope her soul can now rest in peace xxx

Onto my post for today...
Sorry for the lack of posting, I have had soo much going on. But I have a bit of time now so I am back to blogging :) I have been trying different products which I cannot wait to review ;)

I used to use Lush skincare products all the time about 5 years ago, then I tried Dermalogica and never looked back.

I went shopping with my sister the other day and the smell of Lush lured me in. I was going for a few bath bombs but I actually found a few hand products which I tried and I LOVE them. If you know me, I neglect my hands, but don't do it purposely.

The two products I bought were:
  • Helping Hands
  • Lemony Flutter

Helping Hands- 100g for £6.75

This hand cream is thick in consistency and has a herbal smell. It contains a nice combination of oils such as linseed and almond, with shea and cocoa butter.

I recommend that you use it only at night time because it is very greasy and does leave an oily layer. But because I suffer from eczema on my hands (which does get worse due to cold weather, like now) I need a lot of nourishment on my hands and this product provides that. It is a healing and soothing hand cream, which is great for eczema sufferers, as skin can crack and hurt :( 
I have been slapping this product on and I love it.

TIP: I apply the hand cream on my hands (quite heavily) then I put moisture gloves on. Which you can get from here. My hands are really moisturised in the morning and I have found that my eczema has calmed down and my skin is softer :)
This is a favourite for me.

Lemony Flutter- 50g for £5.95

I also picked up this cuticle butter because of the smell and how versatile the product is sucked me in ;)

This is another amazing find for me because I also have really dry cuticles as well, no amount of moisturising would help, until this... ( and the constant use of Helping Hands). It's a really hydrating product. I showed my mum and surprise surprise it went missing...I wonder where it went?!

It smells AMAZING! Like a lemon sorbet ice cream- its heaven! The texture is weird as it feels like a mousse but when you melt it in between your fingers it works a treat.

It is a little expensive (well I thought this when I first bought it) but as I started to use it I found that you only need a little bit, so it will last you ages. But it can also be really oily if you pack it on. So, again, I only apply this at night.

Overall, I have reignited my love with Lush, they never disappoint me. I am also trying out a face mask which I got as a sample and I think I am in love!

Hope you are well :)