Sunday, 11 March 2012

Another Small Shopping Trip

I have been itching to get the Tangle Teezer for absolute ages, but I never really thought I need it. I mean £10 for a brush?! They all do the same thing! But how WRONG I was...

I tried the tangle teezer (which I got in my favourite colour- 'Tangerine Scream', very bright indeed) this week and I am in love once again with a beauty product, not a boy :) I was very excited to try it and I couldn't wait to wash my hair. Haha!
My hair is medium length and can get quite tangled, especially the hair near the nape of my neck- that is one area I have split ends and my hair horrible, so I "tangle teezered" it and my hair is little more content, not as frizzy but a bit more soft, I am impressed ;)

Here is the badboy himself...

I will do a full review on it when I have used it for a little while :)

I also managed to pick up a few other new products I wanted to try in the form of Figs & Rouge balm and a Good Things Face Mask. I am going kind crazy with organic/sulphate free products at the moment. So let's see how these work out for me, fingers crossed :)

Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts?



  1. I haven`t tried them but the figs & rouge balm seems lovely. xx

    1. Yeah the Figs & Rouge balm is nice. Will do a review when I have used it more :) xxx