Friday, 9 March 2012

"Healthy" Products- Worth it?

I have decided that I seen as I am getting into the whole organic, natural/paraben, sulphate and chemical free product obsession, I might as well share this journey with you and show what I find and whether it is worth the money.

I have been researching alot into the products that state they are this way. Initially, it was difficult for me to find brands, but when I started to know what to look for, it became really easy.
I have a few brands that I want to try, which I am sure many of you have tried, but I want to see if the "natural"tag that has been given to a lot of products is really worth investing in.

So from now on, expect a new product mention/review at least one a month. Sorry, if I turn into a freak of nature :)

I really hope that this helps people because I am still learning about the various chemicals/bad things we are exposed to.

Have a good weekend everyone


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