Sunday, 16 October 2011


That is exactly what I AM becoming! 

The two most important things a girl needs after food and water are clothes and nail polish.
And I made sure that that is what I did! We always need necessities ;)

For clothes, I bought one of those smart blazers and two  simple tops all from H&M. I am really impressed with their Autumn/Fall clothing range, it is soo affordable, current and there are some beaut. pieces! 

Dorothy Perkins have a nice shoe collection and so I bought some flats for everyday. I got a black pair (which I did have to wear into and it HURT :( ) and a pointy tan-ish pair, which are really comfortable! :) They were like £16 each I think?! BARGAIN!!!

And I got a bit nail polish crazy!!! And really excited! LOL!
I had a few No7 vouchers (kindly given to me by my sister!) and thought that 'I can't let them go to waste' (LOL, any excuse to buy nail polish!) So, I purchased colours from their recent colour collection. Trust me I do not need ANY more nail polishes....I have soo many to use up, it is kind of becoming a joke... But sooo WHAT!!! :)

(L-R) Tangy, Jammy, Pinky Pure, Cheeky Chops, Peach Melba, Black, Hologram.

When I bought Pinky Pure 160 by No7 I thought, this won't suit me...but I am pleasantly surprised.. I think it looks okay. I feel a bit Barbie-ish but Barbie is cool, right?! :S This is what it looked like on (excuse the messy nail application!) I was soo excited to get this colour on!

FYI: No7 have changed the formula and brush for their nail polishes (for better!-thank God!) I was actually really impressed with the colour, application and how opaque it was. Well, there was one exception... Pinky Pure 160. It is a nice colour ( I love it!) but it was a nightmare to get on... It was streaky, quite watery and I had to put 2 thickish coats. It might just be my bottle... But do let me know if you had the same problem...

I also managed to get my hands on Barry M's Nail Paint in Hologram (No. 244). I was looking for this basically everywhere for months and I found it in my local Boots! *YAY*!!! I will be using this EVERYDAY!!! I really love it. But I did find it hard to get all the glitter specks on my nail evenly. Practice makes perfect! ;)

Ohhhhhhhh anddddd I almost FORGOT...I can't wait to watch Kim Kardashian's Wedding on E! tonight....waiting to watch this for ages!  ;) (yep, you got it right! I'm a reality TV/Kardashian whore!) Its on at 9pm!

Hope you are having a good weekend! 


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