Wednesday, 27 June 2012

My Top 5 Body Exfoliators

I do love to exfoliate my body, it makes it easier for my moisturiser to be absorbed and no more crocodile skin ;) But I'm not really fussed about the type of scrub, the only thing I ask for to do what it says on the tub/bottle (don't we all?!)
Now that summer has arrived (now and again, when it feels like it) in the UK, I think exfoliators, shavers, wax and definitely SPF are selling QUICK! So I thought I would let you know which exfoliators I love.

A quick heads up, I cannot for the life of me describe scents, so sorry in advance :)

1) L'Oreal Exfotonic
This is one that I have been using for ages, but I have a problem finding it in my local Boots and Superdrug. Any-hoo, it's a great foaming exfoliator which really slough's off any flakiness. But when using this product, you will need to ensure you use SPF as it contains AHA's, which I try to look for in both my facial and body exfoliators, as it makes it easier to remove dead skin.
The smell is fresh, clean- I want to say ocean like(?!)
What I like about this one is that does quite a few things: tones the skin, smoothes rough patches, encourages cellular renewal and cleanses and clarifies the skin (very well copied from the packaging) but I can truly say I found it to do all those, except tone, but that is because this product is part of the 'Body Expertise' routine, where you 'need to use all the products to see an effect', but I didn't follow that, did my own thanggg, so didn't see any toning- I rely on Jillian for that, when bothered.

2) The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Scrub
This smells like the body butter which I love. The grains are not small and I think this is the most abrasive. The creamy texture and smell is what made it on to this list. It is not moisturising, but instead leaves your skin soft and my moisturiser sinks in a bit quicker.

3) Soap and Glory Sugar Crush
(not pictured because I used it up and chucked away the packaging- (a normal non-blogger thing to do) )
This one is my favourite for when I need a good scrub (or when I haven't exfoliated in ages). The smell. The consistency. The ingredients (brown sugar, almond oil and lime- all things I love). Everything. I just cannot fault it. It exfoliates really well, leaves my skin smooth and smelling good (the citrus scent is different to the "normal" S&G scent of products). It is however slightly abrasive, so if you have sensitive skin, a defo no-go.

4) The Sanctuary Body Scrub Orange Blossom
I quite like scrubs that leave a little moisture film after, I find that it helps my skin to stay a bit more softer for longer, especially in winter when my skin is drier.
This is one of those- it has natural pumice, patchouli and orange oil. It smells fresh and makes me want to eat it, I can't really describe the smell, it smells like all the other Sanctuary products. A really nice luxurious product.
It contains small exfoliating grains, so it is not as abrasive as some of the other ones. I only use this when I have been regularly exfoliating and do not need anything close to a sander. It doesn't leave my skin irritated or red.

5) Soap and Glory Flake Away
This was introduced to me by my sister around 5 years ago and since I have tried it I have loved it :) It smells amazing, melts into my skin and is moisturising. It doesn't leave that much of a film after the exfoliator is washed off and is perfect for getting my skin ready for summer.

Hope this was helpful. What are your favourite exfoliators?


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