Friday, 1 June 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Glitter Top Coat

I am obsessed with glitter nail polish. Seriously obsessed. So when I saw these two gems at the No7 counter in Boots I was, lets face it, mesmerised.

They are reasonably priced at £8 each (9ml). BUT... if you spend £5 in store you get a £5 No7 voucher (I think for another week- not sure, so check it out) which makes these two polish's £3 each AND you get advantage card points... BARGAIN!

I know glitter nail polish is a pain to get off, but I just make sure that I apply a thicker layer or more layers of the glitter, so when it comes to the removing process, I am able to peel it off (bad for your nail and weird, but it works, trust me).

However, with the No7 ones, I applied two coats and it wasn't that much hard work to take off compared to 'Rainbow in the S-Kylie' (from the Kardashian Kolor Line) which is my favourite, but a real nightmare to take off :(

(Can't really see the front of the bottle, but if you look carefully you can see the 'No7' logo).

I really adore the consistency of the polish, it's very easy to work with and lets you 'place' the glitter where you want, which is difficult with some previous colours I have tried, where some of the glitter  flecks can tend to clump together.
The brush is amazing too, I am glad No7 have kept with their wider brush which all their polishes have. The drying time is quick and leaves a nice sparkly finish on the nails.

The first two nails are 'Gold', the index finger with one coat and the middle finger with two coats.

The last two nails are 'Silver', the ring finger is one coat and the little finger is with two coats.

With a combination of big glitter specks and really small specks of glitter, it adds a really nice look on the nail.
The No7 top coats are fab as you can work it with one coat or two coats. It really depends on what look you are going for.
This is what 'Gold' looks like with a coloured base:

No7 'Gold' with Essie's Jam 'n' Jelly as a base colour
I haven't found a glitter nail polish that looks good without a coloured base polish until these, they are just so good. I definitely recommend you pick them up especially with £5 off ;) I LOVE them!

I am going to wear these for my Jubilee street party (can't wait). Even though this is a 'top coat' I would still apply a top coat on top because it is not a smooth finish.

What is everyone doing for the Jubilee weekend?



  1. This looks really pretty xxx

    1. Thank you! :) I can't wait to try more colour combinations ;) xxx

  2. I brought the silver one by chance with the boots No7 voucher last year and absolutely loved it!! I'm trying to buy another one at the moment but can't seem to get it anywhere. Do you know if it's now discontinued? In trying to find it online I came across your blog and just thought I'd ask..