Saturday, 16 July 2011

Small Shopping Spree! :)

So as girls do best, I (along with my sister) popped into The Body Shop and Boots and I picked up a few things! Here is what I got:

From The Body Shop I got:

Skin sponge- (£2)
This product is quite amazing, firstly because it is made out of recycled milk cartons , secondly, it is cheap and thirdly, it exfoliates quite well.

Eyeshadow Brush (£9)
I wanted to try this range of brushes for a long time (they have won best high street make up brushes or something like that!)
I have tried it a few times and the bristles are so soft and applies the eyeshadow evenly. Its one of those fuss free products, its simple and does the job! :) I can't really compare to any of the MAC brushes, because I only own the MAC 209- can't really compare that.. haha!

Wide tooth comb (£3)
I LOVE this. My hair can get really tangled and I was using the Boots wide tooth comb, but I didn't like it. So when I saw this I thought I might as well try it and I'm v. glad that I did :)

From Boots I got:

PURE Kajal eyeliner- Sophisticated Brown (£2) On Sale
First, it looks like a lipstick, which I thought was cool and one of the main reasons I got it!

I have tried this a few times since I have got it and it is quite good, but to get the colour payoff you have to warm it slightly on the back of your hand, then apply it. I know, I know the colour has a very posh name but I really love the packaging, its sleek and smart.

Its soft and is easy to work with it. I use it as a base or as a highlight for the inner corner.

The picture of the swatch is quite naff to be honest (sorry!) but  I can only describe it as being very similar to Sable by MAC, except the eyeliner has a slight darker tone to it. But the picture does show you how opaque it is, its defo not sheer and does have glitter flecks.

17 Starry Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Galactic (£5)
I got a few of the other sets and I was soo impressed that I went back to get this one. 'Galactic' has a dark emeral green shade, a light lime kinda shade and a white/cream highlighter, so you only really need this product to do a whole eye look. Score!I repurchased this as I lost my original one! :(

When I swatched this I thought 'OMG the colours are amazing, they are soo pigmented'. I would certainly say that they are quite close to MAC eyeshadows, especially this trio and "Neptune' (check it out!). They blend really well, don't have that much fall out and the colours are beautiful.

I am uploaded an eye look a while ago here using these colours and you will be able to see how nice they are. I really recommend them! ;) 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! :)


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