Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Review: Dermalogica 'Skin Refining Masque'

I am obsessed with skincare. I am always trying to find products that actually do what they claim to do (because we all know, some of it can be a hoo-ha!) So, after trying a sample, I decided to buy a face mask (with my own money) from Dermalogica and here is what I thought.

Dermalogica 'Skin Refining Masque' This is for individuals who have excess oil production. Even though my skin is not oily, its combo, I do get spots! :(  so I thought why not give it shot to zap those little devils on my face! So I tried this and I LOVE it... Its got Kaolin and Bentonite clays (which absorb oils), Zinc Oxide (to remove impurities and refine the skin surface), Arnica and Cucumber to soothe whilst Watercress to purify and Lemon to revive dull skin.

I like that this product comes in a tube, so that it you can control how much comes out. Also, I don't have to dip my fingers in the mask to get some out as that can be quite unhygienic (even if they are clean!).

The consistency of the masque is of white thick consistency, but it has to be applied thinly over the face and throat (so spread, spread, spread!) I leave it on for about 10 mins and when I take it off, my face feels smooth and generally nicer. It does dry up spots and does not leave your skin that dry or tight (as I would of thought!) *thumbs up!*
It is easy to wash off, unlike other masks which are a nightmare!

TIP: Exfoliate before you do the masque- Well, Dermalogica recommends it! ;)

Note: Make sure that when you buy Dermalogica products they have that silver shiny seal thingy at the top as it shows that the product is a real Dermalogica product, as there are fakes. Weird, but true :) It should look something like this:

Make sure the seal is sealed... just sayin' :)

Price: £22.40 for 75 ml- which is the only downfall of the product as it is a little pricey, but you do not need a huge amount.

But before you run out to go and buy this, go to a Dermalogica counter or a salon that stock the products and ask for a Face Mapping Analysis which will allow them to customise products for your skin type. Remember, what might work for me may not work for you and vice versa :) Oh and im using their "Special Cleansing Gel' for a while now and will do a review on it soon.

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Have you tried any Dermalogica products and let me know if you like Transformers...

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