Sunday, 10 July 2011

Nails: Barry M Nail Paint- Pink Flamingo

Well, summer is supposed to be here but typical England, the weather is weird! It's sunny, then raining then sunny. So, to cheer myself up I thought I would paint my nails to get into the summer swing (when it does eventually arrive!) and the colour I chose was one of my favourites- Barry M's 305- Pink Flamingo. I'm sure you have seen this colour like a million times, but I kind of forgot about it (whoops!) and when I found it, I HAD to wear it!

I love this polish firstly because the colour is sooo pigmented and bright- you don't really need two coats but I always slap 2 coats of every nail polish. Its easy to apply aswell.
I got this colour a year ago and they retail for about £3 and I got advantage points too ;) win, win, win!

Here is a picture with flash:

Without flash:

Its one of those colours that I can't really explain how it looks, but when you see it in person, you will LOVE it. It just amazing and so unique.

What do you guys think of Barry M?

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)


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