Sunday, 27 May 2012

My Favourite Perfume (at the moment)

I am determined to make this scent my signature and I think I am almost there. My other signature scent is "apparently" Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, which my cousin smelt on me and she loves it now. Slightly obsessed like me :)
But my new love is... Cacharel Amor Amor (EDT). I had this before but never took notice. I stole got this off my mum and have been wearing it ALL the time. I seriously love it and cannot believe I didn't steal get it earlier.
I love fruity smells but this is very fresh and floral. This is not a sweet scent but it is quite a sophisticted, "grown up" scent. It has notes of Vanilla, Mandarin, Jasmine, Black Currant and Lily of the Valley. I think some people who prefer lighter scents for daytime may find this a little heavy, I do like  slightly strong scents, but nothing like Clinque Aromatics. Urgh that is something else. My owns that too and I really dislike it, makes my nose hurt. Won't be stealing that one! 
Excuse my messy bed in the background
Even though its EDT I thought it was EDP because it has such great staying power- I was really impressed and I love how I get a whiff here and there during the day ;)

With the bottle, I ADORE it! Red is my favourite colour and the design is simple and to the point, no fancy stuff.
In terms of the bottle size, it is "handbag friendly" compared to other bottles which tend to be so so big that I can't chuck it in my handbag and tote it around all day; but this is an exception. I know the 30ml is a big difference from a 100ml but I still think the 100ml won't be that much bigger in relation to the width. (I am comparing this to the Britney Spears perfumes, the 30ml are just right to take with you but when it gets to 100ml, it is like carrying a rock around, its so bulky/wide).

Does that even make sense?!I  am sorry if this made NO sense, I am naff at describing scents and now the size of bottles, so hopefully you get the jist. :)

My next post will be my birthday haul and some other things I have acquired over the past couple of months!


  1. it`s a lovely perfume! xx

    1. I know I am so so obsessed... spray it all the time ;) xxx