Saturday, 26 May 2012

How I deal with an invasion of blemishes (Treatments)

WOOOO!!! My exams are finished *Beyonce booty shake* and I went out last night for my sister's birthday and got home at like 3am. Haha not used to it ;) Its 5.25pm, so I'm still in my pj's :)

Ok let's face it (no pun intended) we all have or have had spots/blemishes/zits, it happens. Luckily for me they are frequent visitors and enjoy a nice long stay with visible after affects.
I am trying to get clear skin and I was almost there until I got a heat rash on my face (seriously?!) and so all that went blah.

But I have found a few products which have helped me during my exams, where my face was SOO bad, like the worst ever (partly my fault, a combination of chocolate and stress do not work together, FYI).

I mainly use these products at night, but on the days I am home I apply them during the day as well.
At night, I use my cleanser (Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel) and then tone and then apply a face cream but miss out the areas where I intend to put the spot treatment. I have two different spot treatments I use:

1) Origins Super Spot Remover 10ml for £12- I tried the original one and I liked it, so I had really high expectations because it said it was 'super'. I do like it and it does reduce the size of the blemish. Depending on how stubborn the blemish is will obviously depend on how long/often you use it.
This product contains Salicylic Acid, a "blemish busting" ingredient. The product also claims to "minimise the appearance of post-blemish marks." I haven't found that much of a difference in the appearance of the scarring left behind, but it does a good job at reducing redness and blemish size. 
I do find that when I use it every day for like 3 days (it can be used 1-3 times a day) it dries the skin out around where the spot was, but make sure you apply to the spot, not to the surrounding skin aswell. And to deal with the flakiness I just use a gentle exfoliator :)
The only negative about this is that I think it is really expensive. The bottle is tiny. It has a strong herby/spicy smell too, which I'm sure some will not like. When you apply it to the skin it does tingle, but not to the extent where you want to rip your face off, but some people would find it quite strong. FYI- do NOT put it on a broken blemish, which I cleverly did and screamed my butt off. And that did hurt.

2) Tea tree oil 10ml for £2.99 and witch hazel gel £1.99 for 35ml- I use these together and they have really helped my skin to clear up. I found that it is most useful when I keep reapplying like every 4 hours, well for me anyway, because I had a few horrible spots which would not go alone with the Origins spot remover. I had to call in some reinforcement. I moisturise my face before bed but leave the areas where I have the blemish. I apply the tea tree oil using a cotton bud and allow the skin to absorb it. I then apply a layer of the witch hazel gel, leaving it on overnight.
There are some tea tree oils which are pure and can be used alone, but I haven't used them, so I can't really comment. So, try a blended one first, if this doesnt work then move onto a pure version. Pure tea tree oil I imagine to be quite drying so use sparingly.
(Tea Tree Oil not pictured)
This is a cheap alternative for a spot treatment, so I would try this method out, you do have to be persistent and if it doesn't work then have a look at other alternatives.

I have found that these work great for me, until my skin gets used to it and I will be back to square one finding another spot fighting regime.

I hope this was helpful. I did a blog post on another spot treatment for whiteheads a little while ago here.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)

Devia xxx

P.S. You need to go and watch The Avengers :) I've seen it TWICE, I just cannot get enough of erm ...Captain America ;) Seriously obsessed!

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