Monday, 2 January 2012

Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I used Simple skincare for around 2 years because it was really gentle on my skinand the results were reasonable so if you have sensitive skin, this is perfect for you.

I discovered this product around 2 years ago when I started getting blemishes and I thought Simple is 'kind to skin' (like what I did there ;) ) so I tried it and I love it. I do have hormonal acne, which sucks because when the spots surface they are HUGE and they leave scars. So I don't want to use harsh products, so this was perfect. It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals, perfume or colour and you only have to leave it on for 3 minutes!

It claims to: "draw out deep down dirt and elimate dead cells." and contains Vitamin B5, natural clay, seaweed extract and bisabolol.

It doesn't do anything crazy dramatic, but it helps to slightly dry up the spots and leaves my skin smoother, brighter with no tightness :) The texture is creamy and thick and unlike other clay based face masks, it is easier to work with and you can easily spread it around your face :)

Excuse the pooey look of the face mask :/
I use this around 2 or 3 times a week depending on how naughty my skin is being! At the moment I got a breakout mainly because my diet sucks, with all the drinking and eating I did at Xmas time, oops!

Price: £4 for 75 ml- which is AMAZING value for money! You can purchase this from Boots, Superdrug or any other drugstore.

What are you loving at the moment?



  1. Ugh, I get hormonal acne too, it sucks so bad. This seems like an interesting product, I made a mental note to check it out sometime :) x

  2. I know its horrible :( But try this out! Let me know how it goes :) xxx