Sunday, 1 January 2012

Dove Pro Age Thick and Full Shampoo

I am one of those girls who likes volume in my hair, so it is VERY rare to find me with straight hair.

Shampoo is not like skincare for me. My skincare is pretty consistent. But I find that by changing my shampoo regularly (by this I mean monthly) my hair is much more responsive to the shampoo and therefore I get better results. Hair in general can get used to a product and can become immune to it, so I like to switch it up a bit :)

And you will find me weird for suggesting this shampoo because it is marketed at mature women, but fear not, anyone can use it in my opinion. It also states it is for weak, thinning hair, so I believe it is a universal product.

Presenting Dove Pro Age Thick and Full Shampoo...

Thanks Google, lots of love :)

I don't even know how I found this shampoo, I think my mum just bought it by accident in Boots and I am glad she did. It definitely makes my hair voluminous, bouncy and shiny. It also makes my hair look thicker, which is a bonus :) My hair type is quite weird, its oily/sensitive, which is annoying, but this is shampoo really cleans my hair and is gentle. Also, because of my hair type I cannot use heavy shampoo's because my hair will look soo greasy I could probably cook an egg on it (eurgh!). This shampoo has a lightweight formula which I completely agree with it.

I also like having the fact that I can go to the supermarket/drugstore to get it, I don't need to make a trip to John Lewis on Oxford Street to get a shampoo (really?!)

At the moment I am seriously LOVING this!!! Give it a try :)

Price: £2 (approx.)

Hope you are having a good start to 2012. ;)

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