Thursday, 11 August 2011

Likes, Dislikes and News :)

Hey everybody! :)

Sorry for the lack of posting! Since I'm on summer holiday I have been quite lazy! I have just been shopping, going out for dinner, babysitting and catching up with friends and family! :) But I have come back with a few likes, dislikes and some things which I think are exciting!

Liking at the moment
1) I went to Asda with my Mum and Sister and I got these pumps! I really adore them. And they only cost £7!!!

I got them in store but you can get them online here. They look a bit neh in the picture but they are v. casual and when I'm going out and I can't be bothered I just chuck these on. They are really comfortable and I went back and got a pair in black too. (I know very bad!)

2) I managed to get more of the CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume (from my aunty in Canada) which is a really really good mascara. It is basically Maybelline's False Lash Effect, but the Cover Girl is MUCH cheaper. At first, I hated the CoverGirl but when I got used to it... I really loved it... My cousin even asked me if I was wearing falsies, then I was like this mascara is the shizzle. FYI: my lashes are naturally longish but very straight! :( so eye lash curlers are a must.
3) I was looking for a laptop bag for ages and I found it... I have just ordered this Knomo Laptop Bag which is so feminine and I hope it fits! Have a look at the Knomo website, they have a sale at the moment which is worth having a look at. Oh and apparantly, Pippa Middleton has the Knomo Laptop bag! Well, if its good enough for her...

Not so liking at the moment
1) Volume Million Lashes- When I bought this, I thought ahh Eva Longoria modelling it... it should be a goodun'... Well HOW wrong was I???!!!!!!! Its not voluminising, if anything it does the opposite for me. My eye lashes look like spider legs and it can get quite flaky! But the packaging is really nice, which still doesn't make up for how disapointed I was... The best mascara is Voluminous or the Telescopic one. They are both phenomenal :)

2) REN Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum- I have acne prone skin and I wanted to try this skincare brand for ages. I'm kind of getting into natural skincare, free of parabens and blah blah blah! So I tried it, loved it as it controlled my acne and then a month later it broke me out like crazy! I tried it again a few days ago and my skin went nuts :( I still would try other things from their skincare range... This product might be a bit strong for my skin.

The product smells herbally and is a creamy white consistency. It does blend well into the skin.

Price: £20 for 50 ml

But what doesn't work for me, could work for you. :)

In other news...

Boots are welcoming 'Philosophy' to their stores... YAY!!! :) I have heard so much about this brand that I wanted to try it for ages, but I hate that if I tried it and liked it, I would have to go to a John Lewis or a huge department store to get it. Thanks to Boots, I don't need to do that...and you get advantage card points too!!! ;) Here's the proof... Click Here

Im trying out a new natural skincare range called 'Cetuem', a British brand. When I have used it enough, I will defo review it.

PS- I have really really really loved Jessie J  for ages!! and her album is amazing! She's just released 'Who's laughing now' which is really good....but if you get a chance, listen to 'L.O.V.E' and 'Abracadabra' :) 

And a couple of other songs I've been YouTub-ing:
  •  'Lighters' by Bruno Mars feat. Eminem 
  • 'All of the lights' by Kanye West feat Rihanna
  • 'Iridescent' by Linkin Park
  • 'Raining Men' by Rihanna feat Nicki Minaj (from Rihanna's album 'Loud')

Hope everyone is having a good week! :)


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