Monday, 15 August 2011

It Arrived!!!

My Knomo Slim (Medium) Laptop bag that is! :) It came on Saturday morning at 9am (thanks Mr Postman for the wake up call!) 

As soon as I got it, I opened it to see if my laptop would fit and it does! I love it sooooo much!!! I'm even thinking of getting another one! It feels really nice and I love how slim it is, which is so so important. Because when I'm on the tube, I just about have enough space to breath (during rush hour times) and having to carry a huge laptop would be a nightmare.

Slim, eh?
It has a carry handle and also comes with a strap so you can wear it across your body or on your shoulder. AND... I thought this was amazing... it has its own unique tracking number so if you lose it, Knomo will return it for free! (But I'm not exactly sure how that works!)

I got mine on sale from the Knomo website. If you need a laptop bag, I defo think you should have a look, it even comes with a 2 year guarantee. I wanted the black one, but I thought brown looks quite nice too and the it was more than half the price of the black one. (win! win! win!) I took the pictures with the zip cover things on it, the zips aren't white, they are silver! (whoopsie!)

It costed me £22 with free delivery. The delivery was amazing because I purchased it on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday morning, which I was really happy about! 

How nice is the inside colour? And that little label inside has the tracking number, if it gets lost!

Size: 15.1 x 11 x 2.3 inches OR 38.5 x 28 x 6 cm (Fits 15" to 15.4" laptops)

If you have any questions about the Knomo Slim Laptop Bag, let me know... I'll be happy to help :)

Have a good week everyone! 


  1. It is so so perfect for the laptop! Stylish and classy!
    Love it!

  2. @Catanya- I know I love it too! Cannot wait to use it ;) x